Leaving Home


What I expect:

I’m taking a trip and I don’t know who I’ll be when I get back. I have to attend a retreat to get confirmed into the Catholic Church. I should’ve been confirmed last year but I started late. I’m getting confirmed because I want to and it’s for myself. My cousin on the other hand, is doing it because his mom wants him to. He doesn’t go to mass before class and he wasn’t even going to go on the retreat but if he doesn’t the two years we spent going to class would’ve been for nothing. So, now that the rant is over I want to predict the future.

On the retreat I expect to be miserable. I won’t have my phone, which isn’t that big of a deal but the BUS ride over there is 2 hours. I won’t be able to listen to music, talk to anyone, or keep myself entertained without interacting with other people. I can’t read on the BUS ride over because I tend to get car sick. I hope I don’t throw up on the BUS ride because that’s just embarrassing and there are going to be cute boys on the bus. I hope it won’t be a drag because I’ve been looking forward to it. My friend who went last year said it was really nice and that they all cried together. So, I have that to look forward to.

A downside to this retreat is that I’ll miss three games. It’s the second part of our tournament and I won’t be able to be there to play and to support the team. They’ll do well without me there but I hate missing practices let alone games. I’ll also miss one of my teammates sing in The Voice. These are some things I’ve been looking forward to not knowing they land on the same weekend. But I hope missing all of this stuff will pay off and I believe it will.



What really happened:

My expectations weren’t really met, which is a good thing. I had time to get to know myself better and to get to know my group better. We all opened up about our life experiences so far and we weren’t judge for what we’ve been through. It really let me get to know why I wanted to get confirmed and why it’s so important to get confirmed. It’s really a turning point in your religious life. You get to decide if you want to keep practicing under the Catholic Church.

The weekend without my phone wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The bus ride up was worse because I couldn’t sleep but on the way home I slept almost the whole time. We woke up early and went to bed late. We actually got really good food. I think I gained weight from the trip because I couldn’t work out as much as I usually do over the weekend. On the last day some people from my group got up at 6 to go hike around the campsite. It was really beautiful and I felt it brought me closer to God on a spiritual level.

I cried in front of my group leaders and I got teary eyed in front of my whole group. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything but it was a tad bit awkward. The experience is really hard to explain. Some people got more out of it than others and some didn’t get as much. It all really depended on how much you put into it. I really enjoyed my experience and I hope everyone who goes through it gets something out of it rather than just dreading the trip.


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