Forced Labor


People are tricked into working for “well paid jobs” when in reality they are brought to strange lands and treated like slaves. They are promised well paying jobs so that they can provide for their families. The people the enslavers look for are people who are poor, desperate, and have no more options left. They get victims from third world countries and get them when they are pretty young.They make promises such as, better job opportunity, better pay, and that they can send lots of money back home to their family.


There are many different types of modern day slavery but they all usually coincide with each other, such as forced labor and sex trafficking. But I want to just focus on forced labor. There are over 21 million victims of forced slavery today, way over what it used to be. Mauritania is the where slavery is the worst in the world. 20% of their population are enslaved. People are promised better lives if they take the job opportunities outside of their town but are tricked into being treated like slaves. They “only [get] enough [money] to feed ourselves each day”. The  people are constantly being treated as less than human. While being examined for how much they were with, Fredrick Douglas and the slaves he was with were categorized with the livestock.

Slaves today are threatened just like this lady: “She was threatening me, saying that if I ran away, the police would arrest me because I didn’t have my passport, and that I’d be thrown in jail where I’d be raped.” They are threatened of being deported or put in jail if they run away. They are told the consequences of running away are greater than the consequences of staying, when in reality it’s not. They are told if they run away, they’ll just find them again and punish them for running away. When Fredrick Douglas was accused of running away, with no proof, they threw him and jail and several of his friends. They sent him away to a different farm as a punishment. They wanted to set an example to the other slaves as to not run away or they will be sent away just like Frederick Douglas.


There are slaves all over the world. No one is safe from it. We all play a part in modern day slavery. We buy the products that the slaves are mining, making, and risking their lives to get. We help pay for their enslavement. We need to stop buying products that are gotten from slaves. Once we stop that, we’ll be one step closer to ending slavery.



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