Why do we care so much about what we wear? Why do we spend so much  money on clothes that barely cover our bodies? The answer is simple to all of these questions: Fashion. We all want the latest looks and be apart of the newest trends but why? Is there a bigger meaning to this? Do we all just want to be accepted? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to look “good” under societies standards? It’s all answered in this article.

We put so much pressure on ourselves because we want to be accepted into today’s society. We don’t care how much it costs or how revealing it is as long as it is considered “stylish” by today’s standards. People will go to all stretches of earth, shop online, and go to extreme measures for the latest fashion trend. It’s not just the clothes people wear but how they look in them. This article depicts how women’s body is vs. how society thinks is the normal. People go through life threatening surgeries and try crazy diets to get the “perfect” body. If you’ve ever seen the show Botched on E! then you’ll know how people go through countless surgeries to look “perfect” but they come in trying to look more “normal” or “less fake”. They don’t want the “perfect” look anymore. They feel like they look to plastic.

I am not saying I don’t do the same thing everyone else is doing. If I didn’t spend as much money as I did on clothes I would have a lot more money, or my mom would. I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup because I don’t get the top brand and I am okay with it because it’s not important to me. Clothes and shoes are a different story. I don’t go shopping too much but when I do I get a lot of clothes. But my ultimate weakness are shoes. I always want the best heals or the best sneakers. I too am a victim of wanting the latest trends. I’m trying to work on this and change it. I didn’t care too much about what I wore to school when I had a boyfriend but now that I am not in a relationship I feel like I have to look at least presentable at school. I can’t look like I just rolled out of bed even though I look like I did but that’s unintentional.

No matter what you wear, what your sizes are, or what makeup you have none of it well matter in the long run. No one’s going to remember what brand you wore in high school or what you wore to one party. The only time your appearance should be presentable is during an interview and during work, depending on your occupation. The moral of this blog is that no matter what your wearing, you are beautiful.


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