Freshmen Year vs. Sophomore Year

Throughout my high school experience, softball has changed drastically for me. From the team of girls, to the coaching styles, and to the effort put in by the girls have all changed. For softball, the only thing that has remained the same is my friendship with my best friend. Softball is always changing and I want to share how it will never stay the same.

Freshmen year we went 4-4 during regular season. We had a great start with off season and everyone got along very well. Sadly, a week before league was about to start I sprained my ankle. I was devastated but I was still there to support my team. With any team of girls there is bound to be drama so it was just a matter of time before something came up and started a commotion within our team. But before all this happened we were getting along so well. Our communication was great on and off the field. We beat Edison, Marina, and we mercied Newport twice. It was a great start to league. But sadly this changed. A girl started a rumor that the coaches were saying bad stuff about the team, keep in mind that this wasn’t the only time she said something like this so no one believed her but the rumor was still spread like wildfire throughout the team. The girl was put on probation but still caused trouble. the girls on the team weren’t communicating as well as they were in the beginning and girls started to quite because they felt like they weren’t getting enough playing time. This eventually led to our downfall as a team but we still had a good time.

Sophomore year we had a good group of girls but a bad time playing. During season we went 0-8. We started off really well in season but when it came to league we couldn’t keep up. All the girls got along better than the freshmen year team. We were all really good individually but when it came to playing together we couldn’t do it. We thought we were going to have a great season but sadly that wasn’t the case. We had a great time, don’t get me wrong, but it was a bummer we didn’t win a single game. We had the same coaches as last year but for some reason, they felt like not coaching us and giving it 100% like we were. They gave up on us around the last 4 games of the season and I don’t really blame them. Our team had such great potential but we fell short of the coaches expectations. We still needed the coaches support though but it felt like we didn’t have it and I think that contributed to our losing streak. I’m not trying to blame the coaches for our bad season but they didn’t help us. Our practices were the same everyday and they didn’t tell us what we did wrong they would tell us to shake it off and that was it. Hopefully this year will be different for junior varsity.



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