Oreo Mousse

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The Stars Align All Our Lives

This post really made me think about the ones I cherish in my life and how life shouldn’t be taken for granted. You should appreciate life and who is put into your life and live life like each day is going to be your last. Thank you for sharing your story.


Life is strange. It has been said that you should never judge a book by its cover, especially in regards to people. A persons “cover” does not necessarily mean their appearance, but instead your first impression of them. Like a book, its cover doesn’t reveal what is hidden within the pages. Only once you start “reading”, or get to know a person, will you find out that what you see is not always what you expected. Every person we meet we are meant to meet; no matter how long they end up staying in our lives. Whether it’s for a minute, an hour, or 50 years, they are there for just the right amount of time. There are 7.404 billion people in this world, and counting, nothing can possibly be an accident. Although we may not realize it at the time, it is often the people who stay for a short time…

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Leaving Home


What I expect:

I’m taking a trip and I don’t know who I’ll be when I get back. I have to attend a retreat to get confirmed into the Catholic Church. I should’ve been confirmed last year but I started late. I’m getting confirmed because I want to and it’s for myself. My cousin on the other hand, is doing it because his mom wants him to. He doesn’t go to mass before class and he wasn’t even going to go on the retreat but if he doesn’t the two years we spent going to class would’ve been for nothing. So, now that the rant is over I want to predict the future. Read More

Looking for the Labyrinth

I, like  many other teenage girls and boys, read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. I’ve read the book twice but the first time I didn’t finish it all the way through so I don’t think it really counts. The book is about lots of different things, for example it deals with going to a new school, dealing with bullies, pulling the perfect prank, and making high school count. There will be spoilers in this post so stop reading if you want to read this book on your own. Read More

Forced Labor


People are tricked into working for “well paid jobs” when in reality they are brought to strange lands and treated like slaves. They are promised well paying jobs so that they can provide for their families. The people the enslavers look for are people who are poor, desperate, and have no more options left. They get victims from third world countries and get them when they are pretty young.They make promises such as, better job opportunity, better pay, and that they can send lots of money back home to their family.

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Why do we care so much about what we wear? Why do we spend so much  money on clothes that barely cover our bodies? The answer is simple to all of these questions: Fashion. We all want the latest looks and be apart of the newest trends but why? Is there a bigger meaning to this? Do we all just want to be accepted? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to look “good” under societies standards? It’s all answered in this article. Read More

Freshmen Year vs. Sophomore Year

Throughout my high school experience, softball has changed drastically for me. From the team of girls, to the coaching styles, and to the effort put in by the girls have all changed. For softball, the only thing that has remained the same is my friendship with my best friend. Softball is always changing and I want to share how it will never stay the same. Read More

My Mom’s Cousins Jon

I missed homecoming to walk for ALS in Sacramento. My second cousin, who is more like an uncle to me, was diagnosed with ALS early this year. It has progressed a lot and we are doing this walk for him. We spent the whole weekend up there with most of my mom’s side of the family. We signed up for the walk before school started so when i find out that homecoming was the same weekend I was upset but I knew I was doing this for a good cause. Our family is very close and we do everything together. My mom and I went up to Sacramento to see him before school started and we sat h\there talking to him and the rest of his family for hours. We couldn’t stay very long because he doesn’t stay up very late and we had a long drive ahead of us. Read More